Ever feel like mosquitoes are targeting you? Well they probably are. My girlfriend is one of those people too. She will get ten bites in an hour and I will get none.


I'm just thinking to myself well.. sucks to be her.

But being the nice boyfriend that I am, I just tell her it's because she's so sweet (she really is). Since she's a nurse, she tends to have scientific explanations for everything. There is a reason that she gets more bites than most people. Turns out, it's all about genetics. She has Type O blood. People with this type of blood are more likely to get bitten than people with the other blood types. Also, there is something called the secretor status. Basically, some people have a signal their body actually sends out to attract the mosquitoes. Yikes.



Based on how frequently she gets bitten, I would say she definitely has it. So there's your lesson for the day. Blame your parents if you get bitten a lot. There are a few other factors as well that you may be able to control to keep from being bitten such as weight, pregnancy, exercise, drinking alcohol, and what color clothes you are wearing.

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