With less than a month until the concert date, Drake and Migos abruptly cancelled a Chicago concert last night. 

Last night Drake and Migos cancelled their Chicago concert scheduled for Monday, August 20.

But they did not cancel the concerts scheduled for the previous weekend.

So what gives?

According to the United Center's Twitter account, there's no real reason.

Weird right? It doesn't seem like anything happened and all of the shows that are being rearranged have all been rescheduled except for the August 20 in Chicago date.

Honestly, I think maybe ticket sales were off? Three nights of Drake and Migos in Chicago sounds like an awfully lot of performing, especially with that final date being on a Monday when school is back in session for pretty much every teacher and student who might be interested in attending.

The good news is that if you had tickets to the show you are getting a refund and maybe you can just change your plans and see Aubrey and the Three Migos on a different date.

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