When you order and pay for a dress as a bride or a bridesmaid, you expect to have that dress when the big day arrives. For three groups of suburban bridal parties, that hasn't been the case.

I consider myself a professional bridesmaid. With nine weddings under my belt, despite the fact that I've never been married, I understand the timeline of wedding planning.

That includes ordering bridal and bridesmaid dresses.

In most cases those dresses will be in your hands with months to spare before the wedding date.

But according to NBC 5 Chicago, three different groups of brides and bridesmaids are dress-less because of one bridal shop chain, House of Brides.

House of Brides has three pretty large locations in Illinois, in Schaumburg, Glen Ellyn and Orland Park, and according to NBC women have paid for their dresses in full and haven't received the dresses with only a few weeks until the wedding.

To make matters worse, when these women have attempted to contact the bridal shops to find out what's going on, the shops have no answers for the customers and say that there is no management to consult.

NBC is continuing the investigation which will hopefully result in dresses for these women and some sort of refund.

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