While most of us received a 'Presidential Text' yesterday shortly after 1 p.m. A few Americans didn't, here's why.

Most of us heard a giant buzz around 1:18pm yesterday and our phones showed us a Presidential Alert test text message.

I imagine being a teacher in a classroom was pretty awful around that time with students having to get up to turn the alerts off of their phones.


However some people did not receive the test text. Why is that?

According to Wired Magazine, 'There are many reasons you might not receive an emergency alert on your phone, like if you were out of range of a cell tower, if your phone was off or in Airplane mode, if you have a non-WEA-compatible phone, or if your carrier doesn’t participate in the system.'

The article mentions an office place where everyone received the alert except for those using AT&T, while other people reported not getting the text on Verizon.

The idea of the whole thing, of course, is that this was a test, so errors were bound to happen.

Though because of the errors I assume we will have more tests in the future.

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