They say the best thing you can do in times of fear and uncertainty is to look for the good. Look for the helpers. Look for the stories of kindness and inspiration that emerges every day to help you feel like everything will be alright.

Looking for the good is exactly how I am coping with this COVID-19 craziness, and thankfully, there are plenty of "good" stories popping up in the Stateline every single day.

Here's one that totally made me smile yesterday from WREX. The Rockford chapter of the Christian Youth Theater group has made it their mission to uplift our city's essential workers during these scary, unprecedented times, and the proof that is working is in the appreciation shown by some local heroes.

And one of Rockford's leading counselors Kevin Polky..

I may not be a qualified or licensed mental health professional, but I can tell you what I fully believe; focusing on the scary and "bad" of the COVID-19 pandemic will do you absolutely no good. Blaming politicians will do you no good. Staying positive that we WILL get through this, will. Do not allow the anxiety and fear get the best of you. Just stay home, watch Netflix and keep yourself and family safe.

Thank you to the Christian Youth Theater of Rockford for realizing that there are so many of our community members that do not have the option to stay home and block the scary out. Thank you for realizing the importance of showing our appreciation for the sacrifice essential workers are making each and every day. They truly are heroes, and I thank God for them each day.

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