If you've ever wanted a chance to be on Jeopardy!, you're in luck!

Life goals, we all have them.

Some people want to take a trip to Italy, some want to buy a sports car, some want to sing the 7th inning stretch at a Cubs game, while I'd be great with all of those, my real life goal is to be on a game show.

When I lived in L.A. I auditioned over and over again, but I'm not sure I was nutty enough for those shows.

I've also taken the online Jeopardy! test more times than I can count... but I have another chance, and so do you, at the end of this month. Or June 1.

From my previous experience, I will tell you a few things.

#1, the test is hard... but #2, if you have a smart friend, no one will know if you're on the phone with them while you take the test.

I'm not saying you should cheat, but, I mean, when you're on the show, there's always a music or TV category, but that online test is pumped full of history and science.

All you have to do to take the test is register, and there are no prerequisites. Sign up and you can take it.

If you take the test and get on the show, please let me know so I can live vicariously through you!

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