Who do you know that is terrified to drive on long, tall bridges? The anxiety level would be incredibly high when driving the longest and highest Illinois bridge.

So, who is the person you know that has a fear of driving over bridges? And, that fear likely takes hold long before the wheels hit the bridge. Just the thought of that drive can cause panic.

That's the story of my wife.

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Fear of Bridges

Gephyrophobia (pronounced jeff-i-ro-fo-bia)

People with an intense fear of driving over a bridge.

It often doesn't matter how high that bridge is either, the fear is still great.

The highest bridge in Illinois is also the longest so I can guarantee you I'll never be a passenger on when driving over it. Sightseeing from big bridges is not a pastime I get to enjoy because a bridge this size means I'm in the driver's seat.

The Longest and Highest Bridge in Illinois

Those titles above belong to the bridge names after the 16th President of the United States.

Abraham Lincoln Memorial Bridge

The Lincoln Memorial Bridge spans the Illinois River between Oglesby and Lasalle. The construction consists of a main bridge above the river and 43 approach spans on either side.

The primary bridge span is 620 feet long and while it's mesmerizing as you pass through the arch, it does not play nice with my wife's gephyrophobia. The distance between the low steel girders and the average Illinois River water level is 66 feet.


This Instagram video makes it feel as if you're taking the drive across the bridge yourself.

The bridge’s overall length, including the approach spans, is 7,120.8 feet. That's the equivalent of 1.3 miles.

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