If you've got champagne dreams but live on a beer budget I feel you.

My wife and I are the same way. We look at the beautiful homes in and around our area and wish that we could afford something as awesome as those places.

Well, if you're in the same boat as us, when you see a 120-year-old mansion a couple of hours from Rockford priced at only $259,900, your mind starts to wander.

Obviously, the first thing you think, "What's wrong with it?" Based on the photos I saw on Old House Dreams, the answer is "Not much."

Located in Moline, exactly two hours from Rockford, if you were to buy this historic mansion you'd only be its fourth owner since it was built.


This mansion is one of the original John Deere family homes on 11th avenue, once known as Millionaire's row. Built by his nephew, William Tyler Ball (who was his personal secretary, and accountant) Being ahead of his time, the builder put closets on every floor, which is unusual for an old house.

One other thing, this home is so old and has so much history, it's an official Moline Landmark.

The home is a spectacular 4,390 square feet and offers three bathrooms, five bedrooms, and apparently, plenty of closet space.

It also includes:

  • The original butler's pantry
  • Leaded glass doors
  • The original wallpaper
  • Sixteen total rooms
  • The original woodwork
  • Nine newel posts on the staircase
  • Stained glass windows
  • Four sets of pocket doors

Sure there's some work that can be done to update this home located at 1235 11th Avenue in Moline, but if you have fixer-upper skills, this could be a potential goldmine.

Historic 120-Year-Old Mansion For Only $259K For Sale In Moline

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