Rockford Art Deli just won Rockford Day.

I mean, they should probably always be allowed to win Rockford/815 Day. Without Rockford Art Deli, would we really be that proud of our area code?

I'm gonna go with no.

RAD is the store that allows us all to rock comfy t-shirts all over the city with simple phrases and our favorite three numbers in all sorts of styles and colors.

And that's getting even bigger this Wednesday with the creation of the '815 T-shirt Club.'

The only bad part about this whole thing is that we don't know anything other than the title of the club and that they started a Facebook page.

I am going to speculate though, that the club with be some sort of monthly thing where you pay a club fee and receive a new crazy comfortable shirt in your size every time they have a new 815 t-shirt club design.

We can't wait to find out!

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