In a house with an almost 5-year-old girl who is obsessed with watching people play with toys on YouTube Kids, I am bombarded daily with toys she wants for Christmas. Sure, all these ideas make my holiday shopping a lot easier this year, but everything she "really, really wants" just made Amazon's Top Toys for Christmas 2018 list. Does that mean my daughter has really good toy taste? No, it means Mommy and Daddy need to get on top of buying their gifts NOW so we don't ruin Christmas later.

I have looked through Amazon's entire Top 100 list, and here are 5 of the most affordable, budget-friendly toys on the list your kids are bound to love.

Just a reminder...most of these toys are available from other retailers for slightly cheaper. Don't forget to be a smart shopper if you want to get the best price.







    $14.82 on Amazon

    Pomsies are pretty much a larger, fluffier and cuter version of a Tamagotchi that interacts with, and tells kids when it's cold, tired or hungry.


    Chow Crown Game

    $16.82 on Amazon

    According to Amazon, this family fun game "features a musical crown with a tasty twist." Players load up the "crown" with real food and try to eat all the spinning food before the music stops.



    $42.94 on Amazon

    Kids will love washing, grooming and drying the surprise pet they "rescued"... It could be a dog, cat or bunny!


    Don't Step In It! Game, Unicorn Edition (Amazon Exclusive)

    $49.99 on Amazon

    Each player is blindfolded and attempts to cross a mat without stepping in glittery piles of unicorn poop (mounds of clay).


    Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby

    $47.99 on Amazon