Here are the criteria for weather-related closings for the Rockford Public School District.

When I was a kid and there was some winter weather going on, the first thing I did waking up in the morning was turn on the radio to find out if school was canceled.

Of course, most of the time it wasn't. There had to be some seriously bad weather for them to call off school when I was young.

Nowadays, it seems like they will scrap class for much less.

I always wondered, how do they decide?

According to, here's info about weather related school closures for Rockford Public School District 205. (I'm sure most of the other districts in the area are pretty similar.)

  • Timing: "The decision to close schools during extreme weather (typically snow, ice or extreme cold) is made as early as possible, often very early in the morning. The decision is based on the best weather information available and how inclement weather will affect students, staff, and parents during travel times."
  • Temperatures: "There's no official temperature that closes schools. The Superintendent and his leadership team consider several factors, including road conditions. Typically a wind chill of negative 25 will start the conversation about closing schools." 
  • Who decides: "Canceling school because of inclement weather is the Superintendent's decision, and he communicates with his leadership team to make the best decision for our students." 
  • Get news about weather-related school closures:
    • Automated phone call to parents/guardians and staff (Make sure your school's main office staff has your most recent phone number on file.)
    • Email blast to RPS 205 staff.
    • Email blast to local media to help us share the news.
    • Social media posts on the RPS 205 Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.
    • Post on 
  • "Please remember that the final decision is up to the parent/guardian. If you decide to keep your child or children home because of the weather, please contact your child's main office staff to inform them of your decision." 

Too bad as an adult, they won't cancel work because of weather.

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