It's officially wedding season and that means it's officially time to open your pocket books and gift some cash to new brides and grooms. But how much should you spend?

We're on the brink of Memorial Day which brings sunshine, pool parties and wedding season.

Sure, these days you might find yourself invited to a wedding any day of the year, but traditionally, Memorial Day thru Halloween is the most popular time to get married.

Which means, you as a guest have to decide how much money you're gifting your friends and family when they walk down the aisle.

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Once upon a time there was an idea that you 'pay for your plate,' that that you'd give the amount of money that the food costs per person to the couple. But how do you even calculate that anymore?

When that was a popular idea, most weddings were held in a banquet hall with plated dinners. These days weddings are in barns, on rooftops and at museums and even the fanciest couple you know might forgo a plated dinner for a buffet filled with their favorite appetizers and desserts, does that mean you should gift them less?

I dove into this... I googled it... and it seems like there isn't really a set gift amount anymore. Instead the gift amount is linked more to how well you know the couple vs how much your dinner costs.

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US News says while there are no specific rules, experts do say you should give at least $100 to the newlyweds. says you can also factor in your own financial status. The person who invited you to the wedding did it because they want you there, even if you can't afford a lavish gift.

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And finally Zola says you can just buy a gift instead of gifting cash.

What are your rules about wedding gift gifting?

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