Just because it's winter, do you shave your legs less? Time to find out, Rockford.

When winter hits, things change. No more sundresses or jumpers, just a whole lot of leggings.

So do you shave your legs less often in the winter?

Personally, I still shave my legs just as often. Probably because I want to kill time while conditioner sits in my hair in the shower, and because I go to the gym regularly enough that I feel like people can see my hair if I don't shave. And I'm Italian, so...

But there are plenty of other people in Rockford who do not shave their legs all the time in the winter.

We took to Twitter to see how often you pick up that razor in the winter. So far the results are leaning toward "once a week." Which I have to imagine is relatively similar to the rest of the year.

I expected more people to cut their shaving frequency when it gets this cold, but I guess I was wrong. What about you? Do you shave as often during ice storms as you do during bikini season?

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