Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky looked fantastic despite the loss to Minnesota. It might be time to upgrade your jersey game.

Most Bears fans agreed that Mitchell Trubisky looked really good in his debut. What was also mentioned almost as often was how bad everyone around him looked. Time will tell if starting Trubisky is the best decision for the team on a permanent basis. It's always exciting when a new player on any team steps up and gets the job done. Fans don't waste any time showing their love for that player, but sometimes that love is an expensive thing to show. You pay around $100 for ticket, $20-$50 for parking, at least $10 for one beer... after all that, who has money left for a $100 jersey?

Clearly NOT this guy.

Thanks to my good friend Reggie for getting this photo. Thanks also for that look on your face. Reggie (AKA Dr. T) often always offers his thoughts after a game. Do you agree with Dr. T's after game thoughts?

Always disappointing to lose, but Trubisky proved why he should be in there. I saw Trubisky make at least 15 plays that Glennon can't including every roll out and the 2pt conversion. He wasn't perfect, and we shouldn't expect him to be. However, he did give us all a glimpse of the bright future he could have. He's just got to learn that you can't win every play, and it's ok to throw the ball away. The Bears have to clean up the penalties or they have no shot to win. That's what cost them tonight. Charles Leno Jr. is not good at football. He got beat all night by whoever he was trying to block. Hope Kyle Long is ok. On to next week and more learning. Go Cubs.

If you're ready to put a 'Benjamin' down on your Trubisky-lovin' back, click here.

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