Chicago is known for its deep dish pizza, Wisconsin for its cheese. Not only is this the perfect food, it's served in the perfect dish (wink, wink).

So everyone is coming to your place for the first Bears/Packers game of the season? While you're writing out your grocery list for all the snacks, this would make the perfect main course. a deep dish, extra cheesy pizza casserole.

I found a simple recipe from that you could easily doctor in many directions to your liking. Extra cheese in mine please. And here's the perfect casserole dish to serve the pizza in...

What I love most about this 'kixckasserole' dish is that your guests (Bears fans) won't know what they've been eating out of until the pizza is gone. A whole new level of messing with your friends who are fans of the 'other' team.

The dish doesn't just come with a Green Bay packers logo, you can get one with your team's logo too from Easy, by clicking here.

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