This couldn't be any easier to make and with all the snow that just fell, you can make a lot, and it's super delicious.

How to Make Snow Ice Cream With Real Snow

You won't believe how easy it is to make snow ice cream. You only need a few ingredients. I asked our listener family how they make theirs and here's what you need.

Milk (or sweetened condensed milk, or almond if you have allergy issues. You could use chocolate milk if you want chocolate ice cream)

Vanilla (start with 1tsp)

Salt (just a pinch but you can also skip if you'd like. It's all about your preferred flavor)


Snow 8-12 cups (make sure it's fresh snowfall and white not yellow lol)

Sprinkles (Duh)

Whisk all your ingredients, except the snow, in a large bowl. Once mixed, add the snow, and stir it up to your desired consistency. Feel free to add more ingredients until it tastes great.

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