Calling all witches and wizards: This one's for you. This is an event Harry Potter fans will never forget.

If you've ever wanted to spend a day wand shopping, watching a Quidditch match (one much better than mine)...

Drinking butterbeer, and hanging out with Harry, Ron, and Hermione.... here's your chance.

Huge Harry Potter Festival Coming to Wisconsin
Getty Images

The 3rd annual Harry Potter Festival is coming to Jefferson, Wisconsin October 20th-22nd. A whole weekend jam packed with fun for all of you muggles. From owls, to magical plants, to trying on the sorting hat (I've always thought of myself as belonging to Hufflepuff). This is an event you will definitely not want to miss if you've always dreamed of visiting Hogwarts. Jefferson is only about an hour drive from Rockford, even less than that if you apparate. They will also be showing all of the Harry Potter movies.

You can purchase wristbands and find out all the details to plan your adventure here. Did I mention there were helicopter rides? Not the same as flying on a magical brromstick or a hippogriff, but still pretty cool. Have fun, but watch out for You-Know-Who. We all know how he feels about muggles.

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