Turns out something happened to those golden french fries in 1990. 

This story makes me wonder so many things. Have I ever had the original McDonald's fries? Have I wasted thousands of calories on these poser fries?

Is my whole fast food life a lie?

I had to pinch myself after that last one. Michelle, get yourself together, it's only Monday.

Ok, so here's the story.

According to PopSugar, McDonald's fries were beyond amazing since they were created in 1955.

There were no complaints until 1990, when a man named Phil Sokolof spent a bunch of money campaigning against McDonald's and the beef tallow they fried their fries in.

His campaign worked and McDonald's began using vegetable oil instead... and people were really upset.

I was only three at the time so while I'm assuming I might've had the original fries once or twice, I wouldn't have any idea regarding the difference.

Do you remember the OG fries?

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