A surprising new study shows Illinois is favoring a different fry over the classic from McDonald's.

Honestly, I was completely shocked when I scrolled through a listing of the "Favorite Fast Food Fries in Each State" on takespruce.com.

While McDonald's is still the top fast-food fry maker in the country, with 16 states saying it's their favorite, Illinois' was not what I expected.

Illinois' favorite fast-food fries come from none other than Steak N Shake. I guess it makes sense, considering Steak 'N Shake is an Illinois original but at the same time, so is McDonald's.


It makes even more sense when you look north of Illinois to find Wisconsin's favorite fast-food fries come from Culver's. There might be a little bit of hometown pride going on when residents are asked for their favorite fast-food fry.

For me, it's McDonald's fries all day, every day. Wendy's though, add a Frosty to the mix and that's a pretty lethal combination.

Anyway, in case you're wondering, Burger King was rated second best fast-food fry maker with a stunner coming in at #3, Taco Bell.

If you’re wondering how a Mexican-inspired fast food joint like Taco Bell became the most popular french fry server in six states, it may be interesting to note that the nacho fries they serve come on and off the menu, perhaps making them elusively popular.

Which fast-food restaurant makes the best fries? Tell us!

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