Who doesn't want to be more happy, right?

IKEA, with a location about an hour from Rockford, is looking for one person willing to travel to Copenhagen, Denmark to "help us find all the keys to a real home of happiness."

If you are chosen, you'll spend two weeks overseas doing home visits, guided tours, talks, and dinners.

Most importantly, you'll get paid for the excursion.

We’ll pay you a token amount as a salary (ex. VAT) for your services.

No idea what exactly is considered a "token amount" in Denmark, but whatever, you're going on a free trip!

Why Denmark though? Turns out Denmark is one of the happier countries on Earth.

Denmark ranked near the top of the World Happiness Report in 2018.

All you have to do is tell IKEA a bit about yourself, create a 60-second video explaining why you'd be a good candidate for "happiness" and "hit the apply button."

That's it. If you've been down in the dumps and need a serious happiness upgrade, this might be the job for you.

IKEA is taking applications now through July 1 for the position.

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