All Illinois AT&T customers who were affected by the phone service outage last week are getting a credit for the inconvenience.

On Thursday, February 22nd, thousands of AT&T, Verizon, Cricket and T-Mobile customers were hit with no cell service for several hours.

While many believe AT&T's phone service outage was due to a cyberattack, the phone carrier says it was just a "process error".

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According to AT&T's website,

"Our initial review of the cause of Thursday’s outage indicates it was due to the application and execution of an incorrect process used while working to expand our network, not a cyber attack. We are investing billions to grow our network and deliver an exceptional customer experience. This is both a point of pride and a challenge that always requires care and focus."

Because over 70,000 AT&T customers were impacted from the service outage alone, many will see a credit on their accounts to compensate for the inconvenience on Thursday.


How much of a credit will AT&T customers receive?

After they apologized, they posted this message to their website.

"To help make it right, we’re reaching out to potentially impacted customers and we’re proactively applying a credit* to their accounts. We want to reassure our customers of our commitment to reliably connect them – anytime and anywhere. We're crediting them for the average cost of a full day of service."

A $5 credit is what many will see on their accounts - that's the average cost of a full day of service, according to AT&T.  Majority of customers will see the credit added during their next billing cycle, some will see it within the next 1-2 cycles.

How do you qualify for the $5 credit from AT&T?

AT&T Wireless customers are eligible for the credit, but the offer doesn’t apply to AT&T Business, AT&T Prepaid or Cricket accounts (AT&T owns Cricket Wireless).

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