This ride ban is going to dramatically change several Illinois county fairs, festivals and the Illinois State Fair.

The State of Illinois is banning all usage of amusement rides similar to the one involved in the deadly accident in Ohio, according to a story at All of the rides at the Ohio State Fair are closed down after a ride called the Fire Ball broke apart and flung riders through the air, killing one and injuring 7 others.

"All similar rides across the state are suspended until further notice", says the Illinois Department of Labor. That includes three Fire Ball rides, eight Freak Out rides and one Extreme ride in Illinois. The suspension affects one Freak Out ride at the Illinois State Fair in Springfield, which starts Aug. 10.

This is the type of ride that is now banned in Illinois. I rode it several times when it was here at the Rockford Town Fair. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families affected by the tragedy in Ohio.

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