Fall is officially here and that means a ton of comfort foods to get us through the dreary nights and cool temps. How about sliders topped with stuffed tater tots?

Ok, yes, I am here for this.

I saw a sign in Rockford this week about how bikini season was over and it's time for bread season, I think it was at Great Harvest Bakery and I totally agree. See ya later bathing suits, it's time to stuff our faces with carbs.

Especially while cheering for or suffering through a Bears game, right?

Generally I think that means I need nachos or french fries or mac and cheese with a ton of bred, which they do serve at Screw City Tavern,  but you know what... this looks a heck of a lot more interesting and unique.

STUFFED TATER KEGS? Tell me more and give me all of them!

The shredded brisket sliders come in regular or spicy, which means I'll order regular, I'm not here for crazy spiciness, but I know you probably are, so go for it!

I haven't actually had the sliders at Screw City, but I have had their wings which were pretty darn good.

And Screw City is part of the Good Day Stateline search for the Stateline's Best Chicken Wings, which you can still vote for.

You can vote thru Tuesday September 27 until noon, we'll announce the winner on Thursday the 29th at 5:30pm on FOX39.

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