Don't just order chips and dip. Order dip in chips. 

Dip in chips sounds fantastic doesn't it? It might just be your new favorite appetizer and I know where you can find it.

Once upon a time, I was celeb bartending with Q98.5's JB Love to prep for the Flannel Jam: Country Confidential.

By the way... you should totally get your tickets for Flannel Jam, Sunday September 10 at the Coronado.

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Not only does this event support two incredible charities, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Easter Seals Serving Chicagoland and Greater Rockford. It's also a surprise star-studded concert.

Ok, back to my story.

So there I am, behind the bar with JB with my friend Taminique stops in to see us.

She was hungry so she ordered something off the menu at Jax Pub in Loves Park (where we were bartending).

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Just a simple chips and queso appetizer.

Or so we thought... until it arrived and it was chips and queso inside bowls made of chips!


You see that right?! The bowls are edible giant chips! I also know you think that picture was taken with my dad's iPhone 8, it was dark in there, just appreciate the bowl please.

I couldn't believe my eyes. Not because this is the greatest invention of all time, but more so in astonishment that I've made it 36 years on this Earth and have never seen a restaurant or bar serve queso in an edible chip bowl.

This is a brilliant idea.

I have another brilliant idea for you. Get your Flannel Jam tickets and then stop by Jax before the Jam to try the chips and queso.

Sounds like a perfect Sunday Funday to me.

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