The Chicago Bears are winning on and off the field this season with the addition of the best toilet paper at a Chicago sporting event.

I know what you're thinking... am I really writing a story about toilet paper?

Yes, I am. Because this toilet paper is worth being talked about!

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Saturday I went to the Chicago Bears first preseason game of this season at Soldier Field with one of my best friends, Elizabeth.

It was a wonderfully sweaty day. Usually I'm at Soldier Field when it's snowing or worse raining and freezing. But this time I actually got to enjoy all of the fun pre-game activities and wear a tank top - so a major win!

Plus the Bears actually won the game, which is an actual win.

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Obviously, I had to go to the bathroom while I was there and when I did. I stopped when I touched the toilet paper, what is this magical TP?


Seriously though, I've been to more than my fair share of sporting events in Chicago and all over the county and I've never stopped to take a picture of the toiler paper.

I checked with Elizabeth to make sure I wasn't crazy and she also said, yes, this is the best toilet paper we've ever seen at a public bathroom.

The only flaw from the day was that the concession stands by our seats ran out of food in the third quarter! That's not ok.

Make more food, Soldier Field! And keep up the good TP work.

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