What considerations do you need to make when calling the place you live the "best?"

Is it important to be surrounded by wealthy people? Maybe it's how many people live there? How about the home price? It could be something altogether different but what if all of those metrics were combined?

Looks like Wall St. 24/7 did just that by adding:

  • Population
  • Household income
  • Home Value
  • Exercise opportunities(?)
  • Entertainment and recreation venue

I can get behind all of those except "Exercise opportunities." Just because your town has a gym doesn't mean it's a great place to live. Just saying.

Urban Edge says the best cities and towns are open to anyone, have something for everybody, can attract and maintain demand, allow for development, create a sustainable environment, and nurture a civil society.


Sounds like Glencoe does this better than any other town in Illinois. Because they were just crowned the "best place to live" in the state.

The Center Square:

Glencoe, home to about 8,820 people, has a median household income of $212,132 and a median home value of $1,101,200....99.3% of the local population have easy access to places for exercise, like parks. Census data also shows that there are about 24.6 recreational and entertainment venues, such as movie theaters, museums, sports clubs, libraries, and restaurants for every 10,000 businesses in the area.

Considering the size of the town, Glencoe sure has plenty to offer its residents.

Walking bridge in the Chicago Botanic Garden, summer landscape, Glencoe, USA
Glencoe - Getty Images

Either way, the home values are nuts. I can see why it's been dubbed the best place to live in the state.

Wisconsin's best place to live? Mequon, which is about 20-30 minutes north of Milwaukee.

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