Spring seems like a popular time for babies to be born, but it's not the most popular in Illinois, that honor goes to August, because most Illinois couples are conceiving in November. 

Is it the pre-Thanksgiving jitters? The belated Halloween parties? A way to deal with the Christmas shopping stress?

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I have no idea, but I do know according to a new study, November is the most popular conception month of the year for parents in Illinois.

The study was done by AgeCalculator.com where they studied the number of live births in each month of 2022 in Illinois and did the math.

They did not take into consideration babies born early or late, instead they focused on babies born about nine months before August... leading us to November conceptions.

The study points to Veterans Day and Thanksgiving... as if not having to go to work on those days leads to more time for baby making, though I would argue Thanksgiving is probably not the day for that.

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October comes in second place for conception months, as there are also a ton of Illinois babies born in July.

Coming in third... September with babies born in June.

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Now, remember this is all based on metrics from 2022. There is totally a possibility that this is not how things are panning out this year, though I do think statistically July and August are the most popular months to be born.

When's your birthday? Does it line up with this baby making math?

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