Build-A-Bear was on the right track with their 'pay your age' promotion, but clearly the wrong train... this time they're attempting to give the discount without the chaos.

Earlier this month, Build-A-Bear created quite a doozy when they decided for one day only, all kids could come to the store and build a cuddly friend for the price of their age.

What sounded like a great way to bring customers into the store, turned into way too much of a good thing, with stores closing their lines by 10 a.m. including here in Rockford.

This time around they seem to have the right idea.

Offer that 'pay your age' idea but spread it throughout the entire year.

Ah, yes. The new deal, 'Count Your Candles' is cleaning the chaos up a bit by offering the 'Birthday Treat Bear' at the pay your age price for kids during their birthday month.

The bear is usually $14 so if you pretty much need to be 13 or younger to enjoy this deal, which is only available to Build-A-Bear Bonus Club Members.

No proof of age required because well, kids don't have IDs, so just bring your kid in during their birthday month and enjoy the celebration, hopefully without any crazy lines.

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