Do you want a free cookie? Um yes. That my friend is an incentive for anything.

Cookies make the world go round... that's a saying right?

If it's not it should be. And honestly free cookies are the cookies that make the world go round.

And you can actually score a free cookie in downtown Rockford at one of the most popular brunch, breakfast and lunch spots when you do one easy thing.

Pay in cash!

You know after the last few years, some places actually aren't interested in cash but sometimes I like paying in cash.

It's like way easier to budget if you're talking cash money instead of virtual money, which seems like it's never-ending... until it ends.

So next time you're thinking about hitting up Magpie in downtown Rockford, grab some cash before you go and you'll be deliciously rewarded.

I can't believe I never knew about the cash cookie?

Magpie is one of my favorite spots.

Not only is the food good, they have great coffee and mimosas AND (possibly most important) the booths are comfy.

If you haven't been to Magpie recently,  you're missing out. They're currently open Thursday thru Sunday at 126 N Madison Street.

Mimosa lovers... they have FIVE on the menu. Just saying.

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