In recent weeks, Illinois Governor. JB Pritzker has signed many bills into law, some are effective immediately. One new law is the first of its kind in the US.

Show Me The Money

The internet is filled with parents who use their children's faces in their social media posts because they know it will get them more followers.

Once those children bring them a large number of followers, what happens next is why this law coming in 2024 is so important.

Now that thousands of people have started following your account advertisers become interested in using your social media account to influence potential buyers. And they will pay large sums of money based on the number of followers you have.

One TikTok user earned millions of followers by using her twin daughters in her videos. Because the girls are so young, the mom has complete control over the money. If she lived in Illinois, this new law would force her to put a portion of that money into an account for her daughters. The law stipulates that the funds cannot be touched by mom or dad, it would only be for the children, and not until their 18th birthday.

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First-of-its-kind Illinois Law

Illinois General Assembly passed 566 bills in the last session, and one stood out to me as no other state has ever passed a law like this one.

The law is an amendment to Illinois' already existing child labor laws and it states that child influencers are entitled to a percentage of the earnings made from the content they're featured in, and held in a trust until they turn 18.

The law, which takes effect in July 2024, attempts to solve the issue of people using kids' content to make money for themselves.


There are more new laws that target gun marketing to young people, one that requires public schools to teach the history of native Illinois tribes, there's even one new law that makes it illegal to do a Zoom meeting in your car. has more details on all the new Illinois laws.

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