If you don't like sleeping alone, you should probably move to this city in Illinois.

On the other hand, if you absolutely, positively, despise bugs you should probably avoid this place at all costs.

Rockford Haters Aren't Even Trying Anymore
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Born and raised in Chicago, I have long been a Windy City apologist. However, there are just a few things I can't excuse. The city is dirty. With the exception of a handful of years where Daley in the 2000s cared more about beautification than anything else in Chicago, it's always been a mess.

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Honestly, the more people in a city, the better chance it's going to be dirty and gross, but this is beyond egregious.

For the second consecutive year, Chicago is the worst spot in America for bed bugs.

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This is one list Chicago doesn't want to be on, or near the top. Even worse for two years in a row.


Chicago settled in for the second year in a row as the #1 city on Orkin’s 2022 Top 50 Bed Bug Cities List, with Philadelphia and New York moving into the second and third place spots, respectively. These two Northeast cities saw the largest jumps with Philadelphia moving up 12 spots and New York moving up nine spots. As for newcomers to the list, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, landed at #42 and Lincoln, Nebraska, barely snuck in at #50.

Women are checking for unusual things and detecting bed bugs in the bedroom.

That's not all though, because Champaign jumped two spots and is now the 13th worst spot for bed bugs in America.

Rockford Middle School Treated For Bed Bugs

Peoria also made the list jumping 4 spots this year settling in at #45.

In case you're wondering, Rockford did not make the top 50 for bed bugs in America.

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