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Give me $50 on the NIU Huskies to cover this Saturday...and put $1000 on the Rock Valley College Women's Softball team to repeat as champs.  These things could soon become a reality in the state of Illinois.

Sports bet gambling has exploded in Illinois and now there is going to be even MORE that we can bet on, in-state sports.

With Senate Bill 521 people from Illinois will be able to bet on in-state sports, which includes teams and not individual play. WREX

Also these bets would require the bettor to bet in person at a casino, you would not be able to do it online.

This bill was originally filed by Sen. Antonio Munoz from Chicago, the house passed it and we are currently waiting on concurrence from the Senate.

Things should be ready to rock and roll soon as college football season in gearing up for a new season, with summer practices at local colleges.

Football as in soccer is the LARGEST and most betted on sport around the world. LASTWORD Followed by tennis and AMERICAN football. Horse Racing is 3rd, I don't believe you get that at the college level...and than basketball.

Speaking of hoops, the NCAA Basketball Tournament just got that much bigger with the addition of Senate Bill 521. Could you imaging the money lost and won if we could have bet on Illinois vs. Loyola this past tournament? That's some serious that ever Sister Jean would want to get in on the action.

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