I take I-90 to work every morning.  Let me just say, Illinois isn't the most scenic state for a long drive, but I do look forward to seeing the new road signs they've put up. Recently they've started putting clever messages on the signs to get people's attention more.

Instead of saying 'Don't text and drive' for example, I saw one say 'Don't text today, make it home to your bae'.  And honestly, it made me rethink texting and driving more than the other one did.  IDOT explains -

We ramped up our creativity on approximately 100 dynamic message signs through the state, seen by hundreds of thousands of motorists each year. Some of the messages were funny and some were sobering.

The Illinois Department of Transportation is having a contest and you're creative saying could be featured on their next sign!  This is how the competition works -

We want you to submit your clever message to help make our roadways safer for everyone! If your message is a winner, it will be seen by travelers statewide. Winner perks include a personalized sign and a social media shout-out to our 100K followers!

Your humor and creativity could save lives.  Good luck!

For all of the information visit IDOT's website here.

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