A new study says the most popular summer fashion trend in Illinois is crocheted looks. Have you been rocking the trend?

Once upon a time (not that long ago), you would associate crocheting with your grandma.

Maybe your mom or an aunt or sister who was very creative and loved blankets.

But, crocheting was mostly a hobby used to make big sweaters and warm gloves.

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Fast forward and crocheted clothing is one of the biggest trends this summer.

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I know, I never really thought crocheted items would be a summer clothing trend, but stranger things have happened.

Not only is crocheting super popular all of the country, but it's the most popular summer fashion trend in Illinois according to a new study from the fashion brand Boohoo. 

Crochet dresses and skirts got their popularity from TikTok and Pinterest.

As did our other 2023 summer fashion trends, low rise jeans/pants, fringed clothing, rosette accessories, sheer clothing and metalic clothing.

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I'm not so sure about all of these. They sound very early 2000s and that's a decade I don't want to revisit.

But... if I had to pick one, I suppose I'm glad that the most popular summer fashion trend in Illinois is crochet clothing, because there is NO way I'm wearing low rise jeans or fringe.

Boohoo likely ran this study because they have all of those trends on their site. Have you ever shopped there?

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