We thought seniors were the group most likely to fall for online scams, but it looks like we need to pay more attention to what teens are falling for online. 

The Internet can be a great place, but it can also be a dangerous place, especially when it comes to online scams.

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For years we were told to check on our older loved ones because seniors seemed to be getting scammed online more than anyone else, but a new study shows they aren't the only ones we need to be checking in on.

According to Social Catfish, it's teenagers who are falling for online scams at the highest rates.

In the last five years, online scam victims under 20 years old lost over $200 million in 2022.

Illinois is not a great place to be when it comes to getting scammed online. Illinois is the 7th more scammed state.

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So we need to be careful and sharing this info with our seniors and our teens.

According to Social Catfish, there are five specific kinds of scams that are targeting teens online.

5 Online Scams Targeting Teens

  • Social Media Influencer Scams
  • Romance Scams
  • Sextortion Scams
  • Online Gaming In-App Purchases
  • Online Shopping

A lot of these scams can be avoided by searching for whoever you're talking to online before you make any commitments.

You can use Google, but Social Catfish also offers a 'reverse search,' option that they think will help you stay safer online.

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