Let's just get this out of the way, this place in Elgin really is a gorgeous home with some serious history.

According to Zillow, this property was built 150 years ago, and while you may want to make some changes to the look of the place inside, you've got to admit, the bones are good.

Robert Wisdom, James Brown REMAX Horizon
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Sorry to quote Maren Morris, but it's true. Located at 402 North Spring Street, this place could really be a dream home come true...if you're interested in going to the dark side.


Rare, distinguished, stately inside and out. This Gothic Revival home was designed and built by Smith Hoag, one of Elgin's finest Architects in the mid to late 1800's. Original character remains as evident upon entering the arched double front doors, the many Gothic point windows, transoms and formal pocket doors.

If you think "gothic" is just a term that's getting thrown around all willy-nilly by the listing agent, you should take a good look at this place.

Robert Wisdom, James Brown REMAX Horizon

It really does capture that look and feel, and if you're into all of that, you can't do much better than this home.

In August of 2020, Zillow valued the home at $220,000. In just one year, the price has skyrocketed up $160,000. Now it's on the market priced at $389,500.

With four bedrooms and two baths, it seems comfy enough to fit a mother, father, two children, a butler, and some relatives. Perhaps a bald-headed uncle or hairy cousin?

Robert Wisdom, James Brown REMAX Horizon

Either way, this place won't be on the market for long, with the housing market on fire, I wouldn't be surprised to see it snatched up before the end of the week.

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