Dive into that costume closet and find the perfect look for 'SCOOB!' and 'Moana.' next weekend in Rockton.

Drive-ins are always fun for the family, but a drive-in with costumes, well that's double the fun.

Next weekend 'The Drive 815' is showing a fun combo of movies and celebrating back to school with a costume party.

On Friday, August 20, they will be showing 'SCOOB!' the Scooby-Doo movie from 2020 that you might not have seen on a big screen because of the pandemic.

The movie will start at about 8:30pm, and it'll cost you $20 for your car to take part in the drive-in.

But, get this, if you want to attend the movies on Saturday and Sunday, you can get a weekend pass for $35!

The Saturday movie is 'Moana,' and will also start at 8:30pm.

Plus they're having a dress-up party!

That's the perfect reason to dig into your kids old costumes, find out what they still fit in and what you should take to Goodwill and find the perfect 70s and Hawaiian look.

If you don't know where The Drive 815 is, let me help you out. It's at Rockfton Athletic Fields at 12801 Old River Road.

While you won't need to wear a face mask while you're watching the movie in or around your car, you will need one to wear in line at the concession stand and the bathrooms.

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