Move over boring appetizers, Mary's Market just dropped what could be the most epic app of all times. 

Mondays can be really boring. Especially a Monday like today that's covered in rain and thunderstorms, so you're probably spending a ton of time just scrolling through Facebook.

That's what I've been up to, which is how I discovered the newest appetizer from Mary's Market.

I wish I could say I discovered it right in front of me and I was actually eating it right now, maybe someday soon!

They call it the Spinach Artichoke Bowl, but I call it a carb lovers dream, but with a veggie vibe.

Maybe this is a concept you've seen before, but most of the time when I see a bread bowl like that it's filled with soup... this time it's filled with spinach artichoke dip.

Plus those veggies look so crisp!

I am however confused about the lettuce.

Is that supposed to be there for decoration or for eating purposes? Because if you know me, you know I always want to eat everything on my plate and that would mean I want to dip that lettuce in the dip somehow.

Maybe this is something I can get 'to-go' so I can just grab a fork and dip everything in there and then eat the bowl.

Sounds like the perfect Monday to me.

What is your favorite appetizer? This might be something I need to try.

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