If you've never been on Facebook Marketplace around Illinois, you'll be surprised at all the wild stuff you'll see people post.

I don't know what it is, but scrolling through Facebook Marketplace is one of my favorite things to do in my free time.  Even if I'm not in the market to buy, I still enjoy seeing what people are selling!

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As of lately, I have seen a ton of people posting their full length mirrors for sale and nobody, I mean NOBODY, knows how to take a picture of the item without being in the photo lol.


Funniest Thing Illinois People Do On Facebook Marketplace

The funniest thing I see in listings are the selfies people post when they're selling their mirrors.

There are three types of people who you'll see:

#1: The Ducker - this is the seller who tries to duck or hide themselves from being in the mirror.  It's difficult sometimes!

#2: The Hand Selfie - the person who stands off to the side of the mirror, out of view, and all you see is their hand holding the phone awkwardly.

#3: The full body pic  - this person literally doesn't care what people think.  They needed to get a quick photo, upload it, and sell the mirror asap!


I get a laugh every time I see a listing and the seller doesn't know how to crop themselves out lol.  If you're trying to sell a mirror, just know you'll probably end up being one of those people above.

Maybe the more creative you are, the faster you'll sell your stuff!

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