If you have a few days off this week and are looking to make some extra cash, Chicago Fire needs real firefighters and medics Thursday and Friday.

'I was an extra on Chicago Fire,' sounds like something pretty cool to add to your resume, right?

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'I made more than $400 in two days without saying a word,' that also sounds pretty cool.

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Well, if you're a firefighter or medic, you can say both of those statements after this week if you apply to work on the show via Chicago Fire Extras on Facebook.

While right now they're looking for real medics and firefighters for a two-day outdoor shoot this week, they're constantly looking for extras of all ages and job skills to join the show and get paid pretty decently for going so.

If you're interested I would start by following the Chicago Fire Extras page on Facebook.

Now that Hollywood strikes are over, it seems like almost every day the show is looking for more extras to be involved at upcoming shoots.

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For the most part you can send your info to JPFireXtra@gmail.com, but I would check the Facebook page before you start sending info since most of the posts are looking for specific looks or skills for specific dates of shooting.

While I have been an extra before (a million years ago in a movie) I haven't been a TV show extra yet, I might need to send my stuff in one of these days!

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