Everywhere you look... everywhere there's a place... somebody who needs you...

I think those are the words of the Full House theme song. I've seen every episode about one million times, so you'd think so right?

Full House is one of the very best TV shows of all time. Fight me if you will but I'm right. The combo of comedy and love is unbeatable and as we grow up and watch the cast remember the show, especially after Bob Saget's passing, we truly realize how much the show meant to the cast too.

Full House is celebrating their 35th anniversary this fall and one company is celebrating by giving all of us a chance to win $1,000 just for watching the show.

We've heard of contests like this one before, but it's never been a show I loved so much. I'm pretty positive I've binge-watched 10 hours of Full House more than once in my life... and now I have the chance (as do you) to get paid for it.

So here's the deal, Choice Mutual is the company behind the contest. You must apply before September 6 at 7p.m. to be considered.

To apply is pretty simple, you just have to fill out the form and share why you should get this job but you also have the opportunity to share a video as to why you're the biggest fan... which let's face it will probably heighten your chance to win.

Which episode would you start with? I'd probably pick the one where Stephanie steals the Oat Boats commercial gig from D.J.

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