Where did The Beach Boys get all those Good Vibrations? Some of them are from John Stamos, but how did they connect?

The Beach Boys entered my life when I was less than one years old. I was just a baby, hanging with my older siblings watching Full House when I first 'met' them.

And that one episode where they basically took over the show, turned me into a Beach Boys fan forever.

You remember it right? DJ wins a radio contest (irony) to see The Beach Boys but she can only bring one person. Then The Beach Boys make a pit stop at the Tanner house, they sing some songs with Uncle Jesse, and end up taking the whole family to the concert... on stage!

Pretty amazing if you ask me.

Also not the first nor only time that John Stamos (Uncle Jesse) sang with those boys. In fact over the weekend John joined them for a concert in L.A. and they honored Bob Saget who of course played Danny Tanner on Full House.

I knew all of that before I talked with Mike Love from The Beach Boys, but I learned a lot more about how John Stamos became an honorary band member, and where the made up land of Kokomo came from when we had the chance to chat.

The Beach Boys are playing tonight at the Coronado!


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