You've 'goat' to be 'kidding' me... nope, it's happening - goat yoga this weekend!

We're on the brink of summer, we can feel it in the air, and it's time to spend your free nights and weekends outside, how about you start with goat yoga?

Total sidenote, it's very hard to type 'goat yoga,' so many of the same letters! I feel for Marissa, who is leading this event on Saturday. She's probably had to type goat yoga so many times!

Whether you're looking to celebrate Mother's Day a little early, or you just want to chill with goats, May 13 is your chance!

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You can even bring your kids, if they're ten and older, to try it out too.

Marissa is the queen of Alt Yoga, a company in Machesney Park that works to combine the benefits of yoga with something more.

Sometimes that 'something more,' is loud music and swearing to relieve some stress, and sometimes it's goats.

This weekend as mentioned is the goats.

It's all happening at Kurth Farms in Caledonia and the event includes 50-60 minutes of goat yoga plus 30-40 minutes of 'goat hang out time.'

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Marissa recommends you wear clothes you don't care about much and grab a cheap yoga mat for Saturday since those goats pretty much use the bathroom whenever they feel like it.

You can sign up on the Alt Yoga Facebook Event Page. 

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