Sunday's weather was pretty much perfect in most of Illinois, so why was there snow on the curb in downtown Rockford? 

There are weekends that are so full of fun you don't have time to notice much else. I had one of those weekends.

From spending Friday night eating ice cream with my nephews in Volo to driving all the way to Chicago to see a comedy show at the Chicago theater, I didn't slow down much at all until Sunday late afternoon when I was back in Rockford.

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My friend and I decided to spend an hour going for a walk in downtown Rockford since the rain kept moving out of the forecast.

We didn't get any rain while we were out there, but we did get snow.


I know, I actually stopped in my tracks when I saw it.

'Wait, is that snow?' I announced totally interrupting my friend when I said it, sorry!

It was absolutely snow and looked entirely out of place on an 85 degree day.

Why was it there?

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Apparently the BMO Harris Bank Center team didn't waste anytime clearing the Icehogs ice out of the stadium after their season ended.


This was hockey floor ice, that had been scooped out and left to melt on the curb.

Honestly, even after realizing what it was and where it came from, I still don't exactly understand how the ice/snow survived outside all day Sunday. Shouldn't it have still melted?

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