If you didn't get the memo, love is in the air across Illinois.  With Valentine's Day approaching, most of us hope to have someone to share February 14th with.  Others dread this day.

I've gone through my fair share of relationships and breakups throughout the years.  One of my more serious relationships lasted about two years, but when we mutually agreed it wasn't working I waited a very long time to start dating again.

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It took me over a year to heal from the emotional rollercoaster that relationship took me on.  At times, it felt like I was never going to stop grieving the loss of that connection or I'd be sad and lonely the rest of my life.


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What am I getting at here?  We all do it: secretly check our exes social media pages after a breakup just to see if they're doing better without us.  It's a natural instinct.

According to a new survey by CompareTheMarket,

"Illinoisans take on average 10.07 months to get over their ex, with 35% reporting loneliness due to the heartbreak."

Heartbreak literally takes such a huge toll on our mental health, emotions, and self-confidence that it takes us 10 months to get over an ex.


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Here are ways you can slowly heal and find your purpose in life again!

Ways To Heal After A Heartbreak

  1. Allow yourself time to grieve (it's okay!)
  2. Start distracting yourself with hobbies, errands, and other things in life that you enjoy doing with friends or by yourself.
  3. Make a list of positive affirmations and what you love about yourself
  4. Regulate your sleep schedule (we know you're not getting enough rest!)
  5. Always trust the process

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Don't let Valentine's Day ruin your vibe, embrace the single life and take yourself on a much needed date night.  A giant bucket of popcorn and blue raspberry Icee are calling your name at the movies right now!

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