Fall means makeover time, but isn't it better to get your makeover ingredients at a discount? Um, yes!

Tis the season to change up your look. Fall is the perfect time to get some new clothes and some new makeup and recreate your style for chilly days and nights.

But, changing up your look can cost a ton of money, right? It doesn't have to.

Maybe you've heard of this event before?

I actually have never heard of it, but it looks like it's an annual thing... Beauty Clearance at Hotel Garden Inn in Rockford.

The sales starts on Friday October 15 and lasts through Sunday October 17.

The Facebook event says:

We will have a HUGE selection of high-quality makeup, skincare, haircare, and even perfumes at amazing LOW prices.
We only come once a year, so make sure to save the date

It's worth checking out, don't you think? 

It's from 10am until 5pm and the event says free entrance and free parking so that's totally a plus.

It looks like we're done with 90 degree days so you actually can start to change your wardrobe and makeup for the fall season.

Do you do that? Or do you just have your closet the same all year long? This might be the first year I've ever thought of clothes 'by season.';

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