Fighting fires is a noble act no matter where you live, but if you're looking to turn your fire fighting career into the best it can be, you might want to consider fighting fires in Illinois. 

Plenty of little kids dream about growing up and becoming a firefighter, but once it's time to actually make that decision, only the very brave actually apply.

To put your life on the line to save others is a huge deal, and that's just a part of what it takes to be a firefighter. Long nights, longer shifts, heavy gear, the list goes on and on.

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Which is why, if that's what you decide to do for your career, you might want to consider being a firefighter where you'll get paid the most.

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The company used hourly mean wage and annual mean wage, employment per 1,000 jobs and location to determine the best places to be a firefighter and Illinois came very close to the top of the list.

Illinois is the 6th best place to be a firefighter in the country with our neighbors to the North, Wisconsin, landing in 21st place.

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The best place to be a firefighter? That honor goes to Massachusetts, followed by Hawaii, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Ohio.

The worst state to be a firefighter? That 'honor' goes to Vermont, followed by West Virginia, South Dakota, Arkansas and Delaware.

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