Potato chips are an American staple. Having a party? I bet you're buying chips to put out for your guests.

Whether you're snacking on them at your desk, throwing a mini bag in your kids' lunch bags or dipping them in salsa on a Friday after work, we are not shy about adding a chip (or 20) to our daily routine.

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But what are the best chips out there? Does your flavor preference align with the top chip choice in Illinois?


Mine definitely does not.

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When I pick chips, I'm generally picking a tortilla chip or a potato chip. There's just something about that type of crunch that gets me in the mood to each a thousand more chips, or maybe drink a margarita.

But if I do venture into the potato variety, I'm usually going for a plain old potato flavor or maybe a BBQ.

I guess I'm an outlier!

According to a new study from Betway, the most popular potato chip in Illinois is sour cream an onion!

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I can't even remember the last time I saw a sour cream and onion chip, let alone ate one.

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What about you? What's your chip choice? Do you fit in with the rest of the state or are you an outlier like me?

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