Despite the outrageous cost of living, Hawaii is the happiest state in the US.

So it's all about the weather because if you've lived in Illinois for two minutes you know the cost of living is crazy out here too.

Hawaiians will take paradise (and expensive everything else) over a foot of snow in Illinois any day of the week apparently.

That's why Hawaii was ranked the happiest while Illinois came in as the 9th most unhappy state in the US according to a new Gallup poll.


Just like everything else, there's very a thin line between happy and unhappy. For example, the well-being index score from Hawaii is 64.6. Illinois well-being index score was 60.3.

That's not a big difference. So depending on your level of optimism, the US is either a very happy or unhappy country. It just so happens we're much less happy in Illinois.

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