The Illinois Lottery's new big-money scratch-off ticket comes with the best odds in the state and with more payouts, from $100 to $10 million. Here's what we know.

There's a brand new instant scratch-off ticket in town and the word is that more players will be winning even bigger jackpots. But there's a big surprise.


"chance to win over $330 million in total cash prizes."

This new Instant Ticket's top prizes are outstanding:

  • 3 - $10 million top prizes
  • 15 - $1 million prizes

As originally reported by NBC Chicago, this new ticket from the Illinois Lottery also offers,

the best odds to win $500 on any scratch-off ticket currently available in the State

Do you have a special coin or 'scratching' device that you only use for scratching off your instant tickets?

My special 'scratcher' was a gift from Rock n Roll Hall of Famer Rick Nielsen, from the band Cheap Trick. The truth is I caught one that he threw into the crowd during a show. Like this new ticket, the odds are great you too can catch a pick from Rick, as it seems he throws out a couple hundred a show.

Illinois Lottery Instant Ticket Scratched Off with Rick Nielsen Guitar Pick
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$10 Million Instant Ticket

The new instant ticket from the Illinois Lottery was introduced on Tuesday (Dec. 5) and with the announcement came that other big surprise I mentioned earlier.

The $10 Million Instant Ticket cost you $50 per ticket.

The highest scratch-off ticket, until now, was $30, but that ticket did not come with nearly as many prizes, nor as big.

You know what's been said about situations like this, there is no big reward without taking some kind of risk.


The hype on the new ticket is pretty darn enticing, given that "best odds to win $500" quote from earlier.

Would you risk the cost of a full tank of gas on an Illinois Lottery Instant Ticket?

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